Quick, what’s my IP address??


Announcing the glorious debut of two sites: ip.dustin.li and ips.dustin.li.


Here in the UAE, it pays to be sure whether you’re on your VPN or not. There are also many other technical reasons you might want to know your external IP. Unfortunately, most of the sites that reflect your IP to you accompany the information with lots of ads and other crap you don’t care about. Whatismyip.org used to be quite good, returning just your IP, but is now quite slow and unreliable.



Returns your external IP address. No more, no less.
$ curl ip.dustin.li


Returns your external IP address and your resolved external hostname (or just your IP again if it could not perform a reverse lookup)! Wow! Useful for checking which ISP you’re on.
$ curl ips.dustin.li
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