Installing NeoRouter on Lion

NeoRouter 1.5.0 will not install on Mac OS X 10.7. The installer package searches for /dev/tun to verify that the TUN/TAP drivers are installed, but the search always fails in Lion. To work around this, I created a package with the check removed:

P.S. TUN/TAP is causing more kernel panics than it ought to (once every few days).

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10 Responses to Installing NeoRouter on Lion

  1. I just downloaded OSX Lion and the first thing I needed to do was update NeoRouter and came across this /dev/tun issue. Thank you for taking the time to patch the installer.

  2. Brett Nemeroff says:

    Just wanted to write you and say thanks for this. Worked great for me. :) What exactly is the problem? The original installer complains about a /dev/tap0 device missing, which I clearly see as available.

  3. lid says:

    @Brett: I’m not sure why the check was failing. PackageMaker was a very buggy tool, so maybe they’ve implemented some changes in Installer that “improve” compatibility.

  4. DLee says:

    NeoRouter just released on July 17 and its the same issue with 10.7 Lion. Any chance you can get around to update the build you have with the new version? Thanks.

  5. lid says:

    @DLee: I updated the post with the new version.

  6. Jeff says:


    I’m using NeoRouter Pro, same problem after upgrading to Lion. I’m not sure what I’m doing, but removed the check for /dev/tap0 from the precheck, saved and xar’d it, makes it through the initial install, but finally breaks with an error on the last install step, no usable error message. What tool are you using to re-package. I’m happy to do a setup for 1.4 professional (latest) version.

    Thanks for figuring this out for the free version.



  7. Jeff says:

    Hi again,

    I would like to do the same fix for the Professional version for mac intel.

    To clarify. I did an xar extraction on the version 1.4 (latest pro version of NeoRouter client) pkg file.

    I found the pre-install check for /dev/tap0 and removed it. Then used xar to re-package the .pkg

    Clicked it and got past the initial failure, and made it through each install step until it came to a message indicating failure was encounter during installation (on the last step).

    Is there another step required, like an md5 sum set for the new package?

    Thanks for any information you’re willing / able to share.



  8. lid says:

    @Jeff: I used PackageMaker from Xcode 4.1.

  9. DLee says:

    Thanks! I installed the 1.5.1 client.

  10. Jeff says:

    Thanks LID!

    PackageMaker, never used it before, but simply Opened the Professional Client pkg, clicked on the top, section showing the word “Distribution”, clicked on the “Requirements” tab, highlighted the only listed requirement and clicked the minus sign at the bottom, and finally clicked the ‘build’ button, saving it to my desktop.

    Obviously, this may not work for new installs if you haven’t got /dev/tap0 and/or /dev/tun0.

    Thanks so much, I use this all day long.



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