Scooba: meh

After correcting a minor incident of exploding capacitors, I was able to charge my Scooba 330 and set it free on the tile floors of my new apartment. In short: meh. While it’s really cool from a geeky perspective, it just doesn’t do a great job. For example, it gets stuck on the transition from the tile to the marble. It doesn’t do a good job sucking the water back up (probably a defect/maintenance issue), leaving behind puddles as if someone had cleaned the floor with a dripping mop, getting an optimistic 30% of the water it layed down. It doesn’t self dock, requiring you to manually plug it in every time. It doesn’t do a great job of picking up hair off the floor. It looses traction quite a bit. There are no infrared sensors on its bumpers, causing it to slam into things at full speed. Its bumpers aren’t terribly sensitive, making it bash into things and spin its wheels, not realizing that it’s not moving. It requires maintenance of the brushes, vacuum port, and filter after every cleaning, and rinsing of both the dirty and clean tanks. I’ll keep using it because I’d never mop my own floors, but they could do much better… iRobot has released an updated Scooba but the reviews are also universally “meh”. In comparison, my Roomba 535 is awesome – requires almost no maintenance, and always gets back to its docking station on its own.

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