Seagate 2TB Backup Plus Portable Drive disassembly

Seagate has developed a new 2.5″ laptop drive with a 2 TB capacity. Previous 2 TB laptop drives had a thickness of 15 mm, making them unsuitable for placement in most laptops. In contrast, the new Seagate/Samsung Spinpoint M9T ST2000LM003 (HN-M201RAD/AVN) has a thickness of only 9.5mm. However, this drive is not yet being sold through normal consumer sales channels. However, these drives are being sold as part of the Seagate Backup Plus line, inside a nice little USB 3.0 enclosure. These Backup Plus drives are also much cheaper (about 50% less) than the drives on eBay (step 3: profit?). Note, however, that you get no warranty (Seagate warranty validation: “The product you identified was sold as a system component”). The only tricky part is actually getting the drive out of the enclosure, especially if you’re trying not to damage the case.

The top of the case is made of stamped metal, and is held on by a combination of double sided tape and small clips.

Top of Seagate Backup Plus case

Because there is more tape near the USB plug, it is easiest to begin prying the case off from the other end. Start by jamming something thin under the edge of the top of the case (see photo below). To avoid damage, you’ll probably want to use a nylon spudger (while screwdrivers work fine they will probably cause some cosmetic damage to the case). You can slide the spudger around the edge of the case, releasing the two clips at the end.

Spudger in Seagate Backup Plus Portable Drive

I ended up jamming the spudger further into the top of the case (on top of the hard drive) and prying gently, which also released two of the side clips (but being careful not to deform to the top too much).

Samsung Backup Plus - clips released

After that, you just have to work the spudger around releasing the rest of the clips, and the top will come off. The drive itself is held into the bottom part of the case by two plastic pegs that protrude slightly from the case into the screw holes of the drive on the side away from the USB plug. They can be easily released with a little gentle prying.

Seagate Backup Plus - bottom case

Success! A 2TB internal laptop drive at last!

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  1. kuhow says:

    Hello, sir
    What you disassembled is Seagate 2TB Backup Plus “slim”? Could the HD internal could be installed to the laptop directly?

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