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Detecting the new Amazon Dash buttons

There’s been discussion[1][2][3] about how the new Dash Buttons (model #JK291P) have been difficult to detect on the network. In theory, the buttons (including the older model #JK76PL) broadcast ARP probes to the local network each time the button is pressed. … Continue reading

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Scapy on Mac OS X 10.11 and beyond

Scapy is a Python library that does low-level packet manipulation. It’s also useful in playing with Amazon Dash Buttons. There are plenty of older instructions on getting it running on Mac OS X, but many of these don’t work on … Continue reading

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Getting a Myanmar visa in Chiang Mai

This information is current as of April 2016. Getting a tourist visa to Myanmar in Chiang Mai is quick and straightforward. There is a conveniently located consulate with very friendly staff, and no appointment is required. Here’s what you’ll need: … Continue reading

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Astro Teller on moonshot thinking outside Google[x]

“I believe everyone here is a moonshot thinker, in your hearts[…] I believe that most of us are not in a context where we can be as open minded, as honest, as dispassionate when appropriate, as authentic as we want … Continue reading

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