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How to install Ubuntu 11.04 on a Mac Mini

DRAFT Hardware: MacMini4,1 (Mid-2010) Software: Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit (Natty Narwhal) The problem: booting with the CD gives bad graphics or a blank screen. The solution: when booting, hold down alt. Select the “Windows” CD, not the “EFI” CD. This will … Continue reading

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When it rains, it pours – what happens when the cloud disappears

Update: It turns out that my website was not affected by the outage; just the Yottaa monitoring service. I was not in the one availability zone suffering from an outage. So much of what I wrote below was incorrect. Also, … Continue reading

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Gmail forwarding

I have a few old Gmail and Google Apps mail accounts that I’m forwarding to a shiny new domain. This works great, and it forwards everything received at the old accounts to the new accounts, except for anything it flagged … Continue reading

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Maps in the UAE

Street addresses do not work in the UAE. While they officially do exist, a long history of disagreements on what to call each street, the odd superblock structure of the city, inconsistent numbering, and linguistic difficulties have all conspired to … Continue reading

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When Elektra street looked up

This is the tower I live in: Now look closer. Now up a little. Yeah. That’s no good. Apparently the high winds today that were kicking sand all over the roads also knocked a cleaning rig around the corner of … Continue reading

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Emirates Skills: training for the race to the bottom

A literal red carpet was rolled out in the lobby of our building today. Large tents were set up in the courtyard, and incredibly fancy catering (they set up a backdrop with nice lighting, and glittering tablecloths and chair covers … Continue reading

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Into the wild: geeking in Oman

A few days ago we celebrated the Prophet’s birthday with a 3 day weekend, allowing me time to head into the mountains for an extended trip. Just one problem: the qualification round of Google Code Jam Africa Arabia fell on … Continue reading

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Sketching up the machine shop

I know what we want, but have no idea which models to get… help?

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Quick, what’s my IP address??

What? Announcing the glorious debut of two sites: and Why? Here in the UAE, it pays to be sure whether you’re on your VPN or not. There are also many other technical reasons you might want to know … Continue reading

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The first rule of Pork Club…

I finally got some photos of the Pork Room, which is strictly off-limits to Muslims and found in only a few select grocery stores here. While they had the typical pork products like pulverized meat stuffed into synthetic intestines and … Continue reading

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