Stanford Tee-on-a-stick

Worst haircut, ever.

I look like I’m growing out a buzz.

Most painful haircut, ever.

The razor thing was razor sharp.

Most expensive haircut, ever.

$14 bucks.

Server downage: sucks. Check out – it won’t always be on, unless this server takes the plunge. Like now.

Food hopping: After my immensely entertaining Bio24 class (really!) I ran around… first to the seminar title, “Is SECS in your life?” which was extraordinarily well presented, such that everyone was still awake despite the dim lighting. It even had cool movies. Food followed, consisting of really good fresh fruit (incl. mulberries), teriyaki chicken sticks, fish balls, and mini bruschetta toast things. With champagne. Anyway, I kinda felt out of place with my backpack (most of the faculty were dressed in suits… I saw my Math H90 prof., and maybe Richard White too, though I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself). So I was going to head down to Shattuck to grab a bike or two, when I was confronted with a flyer for the Ultra fuel-efficient vehicle thing (I don’t remember the official title). They fed us Pizza and Ice cream. It actually looks like a pretty spiffy project… maybe I’ll be the driver. And then I went to Shattuck.

EE40: People asked kinda dumb questions. Oh well. I suppose we all get dumb.

Physics 7B: Our TA seems to have a great knack for introducing extraordinarily simple questions, and following with extraordinarily difficult questions. And then not giving us a method to solve them.

EE40 Dis: not-so-great TA, but it’s an easy class so it doesn’t mean much.

EECS rejected my userID (iforgot) on my application for an account.

If you’re in EE40/Physics7B/MathH90/Bio24/EE20/Philosophy2 and want study/chill/getgeekywitit together, let me know.

I was thinking about advertising for study groups with the following email:

From: [email protected]
Join a low-cost monthly membership for a ASIAN getting it down with SEXY numbers and voltages.



I went to quiz-bowl… gah. I don’t know anything.

I went to the suite next to mine… geeky asians! And one who has a powerbook! Yay!

I went to SHKCA… yay food! Yay cheap membership that involve pyromancy and moon cakes! Yay not-quite-like-HKSA ppl! Hmm… I keep seeing Charlene at these things…

Pretty uneventful day… busy…

Stupid Comcast needs to keep the connection to my server alive.

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  1. eric says:

    i dig the study group email.

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