The Cheese List

From best to worst:

Pleasant Ridge Reserve
Tomme de Morges with Truffles
Fromage du Jura: Fromage a pate dure, gras, au lait cru (Heidi brand)
Roth Kase Raclette
TJ's Italian Truffle Cheese
Cambozola (Kaserei Champignon)
Cambozola Black Label (Kaserei Champignon)
Vella Dry Jack
Caciocavallo ("Roomy") (Carrefour)
Cambozola generic (Carrefour)
Halloumi (Carrefour fresh)
TJ's Traditional French Brie
Queso de mezcla curado (Dino)
Roth Kase Private Reserve
Cowgirl Creamery's Red Hawk
TJ's Mahón (DOP)
Borough Market Cheddar
Cantal (moderately aged)
Unikaas Reserve
Shropshire blue
TJ's Goat Brie
Pico/Picandine en Périgord (French aged goat)
TJ's Raclette
Blue Castello
Fromage d'Affinois
Anco Fine Supreme, Soft Rind
Vigneron (Migros brand)
Drunken Goat
Polder Blanc Dutch Goat Gouda
Champignon Soft Ripened Cheese with Mushrooms
Fourme d'Ambert (Carrefour)
Appenzeller Extra (Manor)
Creme Lucerne 55 (Manor)
TJ's Cave-Aged Gruyère
TJ's Pepper Jack
Denmark's Finest Havarti
Migros Budget Fromage A Pate Molle (croute avec ferments rouge)
Port Salut (a muenster)
Silver Goat Chevre
Coulommiers (Carrefour)
Le Rustique Camembert
Rocamadour Les Gariottes
TJ's Panquehue
Reblochon Moudon (Migros)
Kavli Kräftost (crayfish cheese spread)
TJ's Tomme de Savoie
Cypress Grove Truffle Tremor
TJ's Beer Cheese
Borgonzola (Aldi)
TJ's Pecorino Romano
TJ's Light Brie
TJ's Red Wine Cheese
TJ's Swiss Alps Cheese with Alpine Herbs
TJ's Double Creme Brie
Vermont Creamery Bonne Bouche
Others I forgot to rate:
TJ's Abondance (DOP)
Le Delice de Bourgogne

Is there something I’m missing? Let me know…

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